Top 5 Weird Anime Characters

Aloha people! There are always certain uncanny characters in an anime to whom we adore despite of them being really bizarre. Here is my list of wackiest anime characters that I know. I hope they stand somewhere in your weird list as well. If not than let me know your weirdo list. I’ll definitely check out those animes.

It’s really kind /sweet for manga authors to give us plenty of fan-service in mangas. Anime follows the same trend. I love all these 5 characters which I’m listing below. I would trade my life with them, If that were possible xD

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1) Franken Stein

Anime: Soul Eater

Someone whose fantasy includes to dissect anything and everything which crosses his sight is obviously one frantic being. Stein believes everything in this world is an experiment including himself. By this you can guess how wild he is. Well, this pretty much describes his character. Also Soul Eater anime is really cool. You guys should watch it 🙂

2) Suzuya Juuzou

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

In a kind way Juuzou’s fashion sense is disaster! He dresses like a clown and has sewn his body in peculiar way. This is enough to know that he’s weirdo and a freak. I swear Juuzou’s voice actor has done justice to his character. Ahh! you will adore this chibi. His weirdness is due to his past which is quite excruciating. But he’s a barbarian on the battle field.

3) Envy

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Who doesn’t know about this envious shape-shifter?! He is one of the main characters of Fullmetal Alchemist series. Envy sure knows how to start a war! (If you know what I mean :D) From a crybaby to desirous fighter, Envy definitely makes a place in this list.

4) Grell Sutcliff

Anime: Black Butler /Kuroshitsuji

From his sassy attire to his hots for Bassy, Grell has got it all. He can kill for some delight and pleasure. He is absurd, crazy, wacky, insane and what not. There’s no end to it. You should really check this anime out. There are few other insane characters like undertaker and also few badass characters like sebastian in this anime.

5) Xerxes Break /Mad Hatter

Anime: Pandora Hearts

Name Mad Hatter itself must have given pretty clue about the character. Yes! The character is inspired from Mad hatter of Alice in Wonderland. Xerxes is really a weirdo, he sometimes surpasses his own weirdness xD Also he has got some exquisite admirable magic tricks.

That’s all guys! You guys are awesome 🙂 have a great