Well there are both fangirls and fanboys but mostly there are fangirls xD. I was going to write a review on Charlotte anime but I’ve seen only 5 episodes and my wifi signal is not in great mood today. So I thought lets give a little honorary to all our fangirls/fanboys out there. I won’t bore you people with a long blog, so I’ll write short & sweet description about them 😀

Who are fangirls/fanboys?


> People who are very impulsive towards their likings.
> Have crazy collectibles
> They ship every damn thing
> They never keep their calm
> strangely hyperactive for things they like
> Talks a lot with other people of their species ( I mean one fangirl/fanboy to other fangirl/fanboy)
> Cries when their idol cries
> Have huge support teams
> They’re even happier than the original creators
> Shares their pain with other fangirl/fanboy when they are unable to make it for something ( Related to their liking)
>They are super sweet ninjas onboard, but will tear you apart if you go against them

There are many other traits :”D but I guess this will be all for today. So guys have a great weekend and have fun 🙂