Charlotte Anime Review

Hey there guys! I have mixed review for Charlotte. Like every anime this anime was different as well, but It’s really difficult to describe it without spoilers. I’ll try my best to describe it without any spoilers.
This is a 13 episode anime, first I’ll epitomize the whole plot. Charlotte is actually a comet which passes after 75 years. This happens to spread it’s dust and cause illness to kids who will reach puberty in few years. Though their illness disappears when they hit puberty but their illness is pretty cool. They gain supernatural abilities like flying, teleportation, etc. Our lead Yuu Otosaka has ability to possess anyone for 5 seconds. He uses this ability to cheat in his exams and pretends to be a genius. This story starts with Yuu getting caught by Nao Tomori, a mysterious girl who drags Yuu to her school where other ability bearers are present. Yuu is then forced to join student council and get other ability bearers to transfer to there institute. This story might seem simple but later on turns baleful when Yuu discovers the truth.


I’ll give pointers so you guys understand better.

1) Most important point: It’s not for beginners. (It’s for people who are out of animes)

2) Although 1st episode is quite cool but this anime literally bored me for other 4 episodes.

3) Plot of this anime is great, they really have some potential writers onboard but they could not maintain the same level of hype throughout the series.

4) Why did I get bored earlier with this series? Well, It’s because first 5 episodes are all repetitive. It’s like pokemon series capturing different pokemons everyday lol xD

5) If you stick to this series. YOU WILL LOVE IT’S ENDING! Though this anime screwed itself because of it’s start. It seriously has the finest ending/satisfying ending.

6) I swear this series had that potential to be on top but they have eff’ed up themselves.

7) Yuu has personality traits of Lelouch Lamperouge and an amazing evil smile of Light Yagami.

8) Even though writers were weak few times but they’re potential writers who can take series from happy to sad in minutes.

9) I really like evil Yuu. He is a badass when he’s evil.

10) In all it was a good anime.

11) Watch it because evil Yuu is awesome.

That’s all guys 🙂 Check out this series if you’re looking for some good/satisfying ending.