Deciding wether you should go for BUNGOU STRAY DOGS OR NOT?? Well, just read up you might know that in a minute.    

     Hey there guys! So this review is on an ongoing anime which is certainly very popular these days. My review is based on first five episodes of the anime as it’s ongoing. It’s rumoured to have 12 episodes. Alright! so let’s begin, I’ll give pointers why you might like this anime and also few pointers why you should avoid this anime. It depends completely on you though. I’ll try to avoid spoilers as far as possible!!

# Reasons to give it a try
Number 1

Bungou Stray dogs has freakish characters which I absolutely adore in an anime. Characters keeps us attached to the show, one of the reasons I loved Tonari no kaibutsu-kun as Haru was so weirdly awesome. So this is a win for this anime. This anime has a suicide manaic, A guy who follows his schedule hardcore, protagonist who turns himself into a beast and people with super-natural powers. WooHoo!! 
Number 2
Storyline/ Plot:

I wouldn’t say story is extra-ordinary but plot sure seems promising. It’s about a guy (Atsushi Nakajima) who has been kicked out of his orphanage and on verge of starvation he meets a suicide lunatic (Dazai Osamu) whom he saves. So this saved lunatic turns out to be a detective who works in a special detective agency which helps to solve dangerous cases. This is how their fates intertwines and  Atsushi is caught up with Dazai and his weird teammates. Interesting?
Number 3
Anime style:


Anime style matters to me! What about you guys? I like animation style of this anime it has a modern feel to it like tokyo ghoul or Attack on titan. So this could be one of the reason you could like this anime, the art is cool.
Number 4
Action/ Fight scenes:

To be honest there hasn’t been much action till episode 5, but small action moments were just fine. It was considerable for action. If you ask me to rate it, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. Also If you’re a moderate action lover then those fights might please you.  It might have potential fights judging by the plot and power characters.
Number 5

Some puns in this show are SO ON POINT!! The first episode just cracked me up. Their comic timing is just brilliant sometimes. You won’t find this show funny throughout but there are specific moments in this show you’ll adore. 
# Reasons to avoid this show
Number 1

One thing I dislike about this show is the mood they set. This anime is cool and has lots of potential but it turns out to be like Charlotte anime i.e it gets haywire. Sometimes it’s all jolly and suddenly it turns dark. I don’t mind either but the way they shift the anime mood is just annoying. I guess maybe it’s because of sloppy writing or direction. 
Number 2
From a good anime:

For people who have just finished an epic anime and wants to watch something similar, it might look very cool but mostly you’ll be disappointed. This anime has that potential but certainly they are not delivering it on screen.
Number 3
Comedy lurkers/ Action geeks:

This anime is neither for people looking for a comic series nor for people looking for hardcore action. As this anime fall in between these categories so both you guys might get disappointed.

But if you’re free and want to waste your time 😛 then just give it a try!! This was one of the waited animes so that explains it’s popularity, you might as well give it a try.

Adiós!! 🙂