Well it’s very late for me to write this, as I’m already an addict. Might help people who don’t watch it at all. I have no intentions to make you an addict, but animes are really cool and be to serious who doesn’t want a little reality escape. To tell you the truth, my school life was pretty boring. When I came back home from school and there was Pokèmon on T.V, my life was healed lol xD. Pretty funny but true. It gave me this cool escape from reality which I really adored as a child. Even now I think being little unrealistic never hurt nobody. Animes have also have made me kind of creative.

To people reading this, don’t take it in a wrong way. I’m just trying to convey this message that animes are cool. They have great story line, cool characters, awesome visuals, etc, etc. Also to people who think guys who watch anime are total geek and are socially awkward, that is not true at all. There people who are actually socially awkward but that doesn’t mean they are that way because of anime.


> They have great story line (For people who think animes and cartoons are same please check out death note, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, elfen lied, mirai nickki, boys over flowers, etc coz they have amazing plot)

> Character design, anime makers and manga writers really put great efforts in their characters. No two characters will ever match.

> Every anime is different in it’s own way. I know this the best. Never have I found two animes which have exactly the same plot. As I like certain animes a lot. I try to find other animes which have same story to an extend, but I have never found a matching anime in terms of plot story or same characters. Eg Yoshida Haru (If you find someone exactly like him, please let me know )

> Character personality, I have already give Haru’s example. I swear these manga writers are amazing. They always create a very unique character. Someone who is different from all others.

> Fight scenes/Action, Now this is very unique. No movie maker have actually copied anime action moments well. We all know this how anime made into movies sucks.

> Anime fan meets are really very cool. People with same taste interacting and getting excited about it. Well it’s a great experience when you go to such fests and you will meet people who are very creative and skillful. They are different.

> This is a cool point. If you are able to influence your friends with anime. They treat you as a god! lol xD. I’m not kidding, people do take very highly of you. They will always come back to you for recommendation or review. You are the mighty Yoda for them.

> If you like sitcoms than you will definitely like anime for sure. Animes are like animated version of sitcoms.

There are actually many more points but I’ll end here.

In all guys I’m just telling you people to just “check out animes if you haven’t”. I bet you’ll thank me later on. 😀

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