Top 5 Romantic comedy anime

I will not give any spoilers. So just go head and enjoy this post. Also I have made this top 5 into a video. It will give you a better idea. Check out please share, like and subscribe if you like it. I’ll more more of those videos. If you have any suggestions comment below. It’s always a pleasure to talk to my fellow anime lovers 🙂

  1. TORADORAimages
    He is kind and considerate while she’s a spoilt brat. You will love how Ryuji and Aisaka falls in love with each other. There are many potential love interest in this story but Ryuji was only meant for Aisaka. Their love is not love at first sight but slowly they fall for each other. It’s beautiful. Must watch series, plus it’s damn funny.
  2. TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUNmaxresdefault
    This story is like fire and ice. Shizuku is cool as ice while Haru is the spring. Though both are really meant for each other. Haru is a odd character which makes this story enjoyable.
  3. KAMISAMA HAJIMEMASHITArender__tomoe_and_nanami_kamisama_hajimemashita___by_blacknesssoul-d5ogxk9
    Firstly main lead is really hot+white haired+cool attitude+has a mysterious past. Tomoe is like a butler to Nanami. Now there are other interesting characters in the show too. Anime art is great.
  4. GEKKAN SHOUJO NOZAKI-KUNbcb8d0386a49ac707b41b398b61bfaf6_480
    Our sweet Nozaki-kun is always clueless as ever. This anime will make you laugh out loud really hard. It’s really very funny. Also there are serial of characters in this anime who play daily life part of our main leads. In all it’s an enjoyable anime.
  5. BOKURA WA MINNA KAWAISOUmaxresdefault (1)
    Character development of this anime is amazing. It’s not like those regular lovey-dovey animes but you will enjoy this one. When it’s over, you will want more of it.

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