Aoharu x Kikanjuu Review

        I have seen so many animes till now that I don’t have a count of it. But when I saw this one I couldn’t content my happiness thinking WOW finally something like Ouran high school host club because there is no single anime like it. After first episode of Aoharu x Kikanjuu which gave me deja vu experience, the anime took a different turn. I won’t say that I’m disappointed that It’s not like Ouran high but rather I’m glad it’s different. It turned out to be something that I would wait for a week to be released.

       Now this story is of Tachibana Hotaru. This girl is independent, strong, confident like our other anime girls and is also a badass fighter when she’s focussed. Her life gets entangled with the host club employee Masamune Matsuoka and her wacky neighbour Nagamasa Midori and she starts playing survival games aka Toy gun fight. Now don’t confuse this game with cute chibi fights because their action scenes are good or 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Later on she starts liking this game and she comes across different characters. This show is still on-going and season 2 of the show is not announced yet. Both Matsuoka and Midori are not aware about the fact that Tachibana is a girl which indicates there will be some romance in season 2.



This show is not for people who wants to start watching anime but for people who keep hunting for different anime when they are done with one. So people in search for new anime and are LONG TIME ANIME WATCHERS, this anime is for YOU. I’m sure you would enjoy comedy combined with action in this show.


1) Good Plot
2) Great Art
3) Hot Characters
4) Funny
5) Good Action

If you are a frequent anime watchers you’ll know why to watch it. I watched It because I’m free as eff lol. So guys If you’ve got ample of time like me and want to waste it rather being productive, do watch this show, you’ll love it :’D

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