Deciding wether you should go for BUNGOU STRAY DOGS OR NOT?? Well, just read up you might know that in a minute.    

     Hey there guys! So this review is on an ongoing anime which is certainly very popular these days. My review is based on first five episodes of the anime as it’s ongoing. It’s rumoured to have 12 episodes. Alright! so let’s begin, I’ll give pointers why you might like this anime and also few pointers why you should avoid this anime. It depends completely on you though. I’ll try to avoid spoilers as far as possible!!

# Reasons to give it a try
Number 1

Bungou Stray dogs has freakish characters which I absolutely adore in an anime. Characters keeps us attached to the show, one of the reasons I loved Tonari no kaibutsu-kun as Haru was so weirdly awesome. So this is a win for this anime. This anime has a suicide manaic, A guy who follows his schedule hardcore, protagonist who turns himself into a beast and people with super-natural powers. WooHoo!! 
Number 2
Storyline/ Plot:

I wouldn’t say story is extra-ordinary but plot sure seems promising. It’s about a guy (Atsushi Nakajima) who has been kicked out of his orphanage and on verge of starvation he meets a suicide lunatic (Dazai Osamu) whom he saves. So this saved lunatic turns out to be a detective who works in a special detective agency which helps to solve dangerous cases. This is how their fates intertwines and  Atsushi is caught up with Dazai and his weird teammates. Interesting?
Number 3
Anime style:


Anime style matters to me! What about you guys? I like animation style of this anime it has a modern feel to it like tokyo ghoul or Attack on titan. So this could be one of the reason you could like this anime, the art is cool.
Number 4
Action/ Fight scenes:

To be honest there hasn’t been much action till episode 5, but small action moments were just fine. It was considerable for action. If you ask me to rate it, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. Also If you’re a moderate action lover then those fights might please you.  It might have potential fights judging by the plot and power characters.
Number 5

Some puns in this show are SO ON POINT!! The first episode just cracked me up. Their comic timing is just brilliant sometimes. You won’t find this show funny throughout but there are specific moments in this show you’ll adore. 
# Reasons to avoid this show
Number 1

One thing I dislike about this show is the mood they set. This anime is cool and has lots of potential but it turns out to be like Charlotte anime i.e it gets haywire. Sometimes it’s all jolly and suddenly it turns dark. I don’t mind either but the way they shift the anime mood is just annoying. I guess maybe it’s because of sloppy writing or direction. 
Number 2
From a good anime:

For people who have just finished an epic anime and wants to watch something similar, it might look very cool but mostly you’ll be disappointed. This anime has that potential but certainly they are not delivering it on screen.
Number 3
Comedy lurkers/ Action geeks:

This anime is neither for people looking for a comic series nor for people looking for hardcore action. As this anime fall in between these categories so both you guys might get disappointed.

But if you’re free and want to waste your time 😛 then just give it a try!! This was one of the waited animes so that explains it’s popularity, you might as well give it a try.

Adiós!! 🙂

What after Graduation!


     Hola! Guys this is not my usual anime blog. I have graduated long back. But at this time of the year when students are giving their exams and are in a emotional turmoil about what to do ahead. Let me give us some help!!
I’m not an expert though, but I might be some help. Even if this helps a single student, I’ll be glad! 🙂

Okay so all you guys sweating out there with big dreams. Let me tell you, competition out there is IMMENSE. Even if you wanna became a youtube star, you know the struggle. You must have realised almost everything is this world is discovered and you’re not smart enough to go beyond that. For people who are smart enough and can get into MITS, guys this is not for you. You go give your best shot. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Almost every part is played, almost every song is written, almost every topic has been covered!! So in this mess how do you all get what you’ve been longing for? 

     It’s simple! You don’t loose you!! You have to take a firm grip on the person you are now. You always knew things were difficult for you. But also that you’ve worked hard. You have always given your best! Although sometimes you might be a slacker, but otherwise you know the efforts you’ve put. People with money and a little more brains may go ahead of you for now. I just want to tell you. If you don’t let go of your dreams, “YOU WILL DO WONDERS”! 

     You have to hold on your determination that you shall not take your dreams to grave. You will not take this life for granted. You will achieve all the happiness and materialistic things in life. Determination and hard work will take you there. Remember guys, hard workers always win. Don’t worry even if you’re an intern/trainee/jobless now. Times will change and you’ll own something of your own, something big and also there’ll be a day where you will tell stories to people about how you didn’t give up when times were bad. 



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Top 5 Weird Anime Characters

Aloha people! There are always certain uncanny characters in an anime to whom we adore despite of them being really bizarre. Here is my list of wackiest anime characters that I know. I hope they stand somewhere in your weird list as well. If not than let me know your weirdo list. I’ll definitely check out those animes.

It’s really kind /sweet for manga authors to give us plenty of fan-service in mangas. Anime follows the same trend. I love all these 5 characters which I’m listing below. I would trade my life with them, If that were possible xD

I have made a video on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErGR58WHz7A Do have a look at it and subscribe for sure 🙂

1) Franken Stein

Anime: Soul Eater

Someone whose fantasy includes to dissect anything and everything which crosses his sight is obviously one frantic being. Stein believes everything in this world is an experiment including himself. By this you can guess how wild he is. Well, this pretty much describes his character. Also Soul Eater anime is really cool. You guys should watch it 🙂

2) Suzuya Juuzou

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

In a kind way Juuzou’s fashion sense is disaster! He dresses like a clown and has sewn his body in peculiar way. This is enough to know that he’s weirdo and a freak. I swear Juuzou’s voice actor has done justice to his character. Ahh! you will adore this chibi. His weirdness is due to his past which is quite excruciating. But he’s a barbarian on the battle field.

3) Envy

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Who doesn’t know about this envious shape-shifter?! He is one of the main characters of Fullmetal Alchemist series. Envy sure knows how to start a war! (If you know what I mean :D) From a crybaby to desirous fighter, Envy definitely makes a place in this list.

4) Grell Sutcliff

Anime: Black Butler /Kuroshitsuji

From his sassy attire to his hots for Bassy, Grell has got it all. He can kill for some delight and pleasure. He is absurd, crazy, wacky, insane and what not. There’s no end to it. You should really check this anime out. There are few other insane characters like undertaker and also few badass characters like sebastian in this anime.

5) Xerxes Break /Mad Hatter

Anime: Pandora Hearts

Name Mad Hatter itself must have given pretty clue about the character. Yes! The character is inspired from Mad hatter of Alice in Wonderland. Xerxes is really a weirdo, he sometimes surpasses his own weirdness xD Also he has got some exquisite admirable magic tricks.

That’s all guys! You guys are awesome 🙂 have a great day..tt 

Noragami Aragoto (season 2) Episode 1 Review

Hey guys! I hope you people are doing fine. Well, It’s pretty soon to review this anime but I’ll do it anyway xD. I had liked Noragami’s season 1 as it looked promising, not to mention animes with god s*** are amazing. Season 2 will be dealing with Yato and Bishamon’s past. Bishamon wasn’t my favourite in earlier season but looking at first episode of season 2. She might take a badass bitch spot in my list. Wait! Did I mention about the opening song? No? Alright. It has strikingly surpassed my expectation.


The start itself is good enough. Bishamon ghastly waking up from a dream. You should know by now Bishamon is a power character and to give her nightmare is not an easy thing to do. So to our understanding of this, Yato has done something terribly wrong. Other part of the episode includes Yato, Yukine and Hiyori defeating an ayakashi. First episode mainly had ferocious Bishamon and her regalias. If I continue more than this it’ll ruin your fun. If you haven’t watched season 1 of this anime then do check it out. I’m not giving any spoilers to you all. I’ll be giving few points on why to watch Noragami Aragoto.  


  • Good Character design/ art
    (I have loved Noragami’s character style, it’s agreeably good)

    (It’s unquestionably amusing for sure)

  • They involve various Gods
    (Don’t know about you people but I bizarrely enjoy god/ demon stuff in animes)

  • Good fight scenes
    (I’d give 6.5-7 out of 10)

  • Some good spells
    (They have few crazy cursing and spells)

  • Good Plot
    (This season seems interesting and it will open many major secrets. I hope it lives up to our expectations)

  • Many Power characters
    (There are many potential characters in this anime especially Bishamon. If they are able to pull the plot then this anime would be really cool)

  • If you have seen season 1 of this anime then it’s pretty much obvious to watchseason 2 as well

  • Watch it if you’re out of animes xD

  • This anime has humour, action, suspense, somewhat drama, etc.. So just give it a try 🙂That’s all guys 😀 I’ll write another review after I’m done with the whole series. Have a great day xoxo

Charlotte Anime Review

Hey there guys! I have mixed review for Charlotte. Like every anime this anime was different as well, but It’s really difficult to describe it without spoilers. I’ll try my best to describe it without any spoilers.
This is a 13 episode anime, first I’ll epitomize the whole plot. Charlotte is actually a comet which passes after 75 years. This happens to spread it’s dust and cause illness to kids who will reach puberty in few years. Though their illness disappears when they hit puberty but their illness is pretty cool. They gain supernatural abilities like flying, teleportation, etc. Our lead Yuu Otosaka has ability to possess anyone for 5 seconds. He uses this ability to cheat in his exams and pretends to be a genius. This story starts with Yuu getting caught by Nao Tomori, a mysterious girl who drags Yuu to her school where other ability bearers are present. Yuu is then forced to join student council and get other ability bearers to transfer to there institute. This story might seem simple but later on turns baleful when Yuu discovers the truth.


I’ll give pointers so you guys understand better.

1) Most important point: It’s not for beginners. (It’s for people who are out of animes)

2) Although 1st episode is quite cool but this anime literally bored me for other 4 episodes.

3) Plot of this anime is great, they really have some potential writers onboard but they could not maintain the same level of hype throughout the series.

4) Why did I get bored earlier with this series? Well, It’s because first 5 episodes are all repetitive. It’s like pokemon series capturing different pokemons everyday lol xD

5) If you stick to this series. YOU WILL LOVE IT’S ENDING! Though this anime screwed itself because of it’s start. It seriously has the finest ending/satisfying ending.

6) I swear this series had that potential to be on top but they have eff’ed up themselves.

7) Yuu has personality traits of Lelouch Lamperouge and an amazing evil smile of Light Yagami.

8) Even though writers were weak few times but they’re potential writers who can take series from happy to sad in minutes.

9) I really like evil Yuu. He is a badass when he’s evil.

10) In all it was a good anime.

11) Watch it because evil Yuu is awesome.

That’s all guys 🙂 Check out this series if you’re looking for some good/satisfying ending.


Well there are both fangirls and fanboys but mostly there are fangirls xD. I was going to write a review on Charlotte anime but I’ve seen only 5 episodes and my wifi signal is not in great mood today. So I thought lets give a little honorary to all our fangirls/fanboys out there. I won’t bore you people with a long blog, so I’ll write short & sweet description about them 😀

Who are fangirls/fanboys?


> People who are very impulsive towards their likings.
> Have crazy collectibles
> They ship every damn thing
> They never keep their calm
> strangely hyperactive for things they like
> Talks a lot with other people of their species ( I mean one fangirl/fanboy to other fangirl/fanboy)
> Cries when their idol cries
> Have huge support teams
> They’re even happier than the original creators
> Shares their pain with other fangirl/fanboy when they are unable to make it for something ( Related to their liking)
>They are super sweet ninjas onboard, but will tear you apart if you go against them

There are many other traits :”D but I guess this will be all for today. So guys have a great weekend and have fun 🙂


Well it’s very late for me to write this, as I’m already an addict. Might help people who don’t watch it at all. I have no intentions to make you an addict, but animes are really cool and be to serious who doesn’t want a little reality escape. To tell you the truth, my school life was pretty boring. When I came back home from school and there was Pokèmon on T.V, my life was healed lol xD. Pretty funny but true. It gave me this cool escape from reality which I really adored as a child. Even now I think being little unrealistic never hurt nobody. Animes have also have made me kind of creative.

To people reading this, don’t take it in a wrong way. I’m just trying to convey this message that animes are cool. They have great story line, cool characters, awesome visuals, etc, etc. Also to people who think guys who watch anime are total geek and are socially awkward, that is not true at all. There people who are actually socially awkward but that doesn’t mean they are that way because of anime.


> They have great story line (For people who think animes and cartoons are same please check out death note, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, elfen lied, mirai nickki, boys over flowers, etc coz they have amazing plot)

> Character design, anime makers and manga writers really put great efforts in their characters. No two characters will ever match.

> Every anime is different in it’s own way. I know this the best. Never have I found two animes which have exactly the same plot. As I like certain animes a lot. I try to find other animes which have same story to an extend, but I have never found a matching anime in terms of plot story or same characters. Eg Yoshida Haru (If you find someone exactly like him, please let me know )

> Character personality, I have already give Haru’s example. I swear these manga writers are amazing. They always create a very unique character. Someone who is different from all others.

> Fight scenes/Action, Now this is very unique. No movie maker have actually copied anime action moments well. We all know this how anime made into movies sucks.

> Anime fan meets are really very cool. People with same taste interacting and getting excited about it. Well it’s a great experience when you go to such fests and you will meet people who are very creative and skillful. They are different.

> This is a cool point. If you are able to influence your friends with anime. They treat you as a god! lol xD. I’m not kidding, people do take very highly of you. They will always come back to you for recommendation or review. You are the mighty Yoda for them.

> If you like sitcoms than you will definitely like anime for sure. Animes are like animated version of sitcoms.

There are actually many more points but I’ll end here.

In all guys I’m just telling you people to just “check out animes if you haven’t”. I bet you’ll thank me later on. 😀

Top 5 Romantic comedy anime

I will not give any spoilers. So just go head and enjoy this post. Also I have made this top 5 into a video. It will give you a better idea. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbnGYou7k48 please share, like and subscribe if you like it. I’ll more more of those videos. If you have any suggestions comment below. It’s always a pleasure to talk to my fellow anime lovers 🙂

  1. TORADORAimages
    He is kind and considerate while she’s a spoilt brat. You will love how Ryuji and Aisaka falls in love with each other. There are many potential love interest in this story but Ryuji was only meant for Aisaka. Their love is not love at first sight but slowly they fall for each other. It’s beautiful. Must watch series, plus it’s damn funny.
  2. TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUNmaxresdefault
    This story is like fire and ice. Shizuku is cool as ice while Haru is the spring. Though both are really meant for each other. Haru is a odd character which makes this story enjoyable.
  3. KAMISAMA HAJIMEMASHITArender__tomoe_and_nanami_kamisama_hajimemashita___by_blacknesssoul-d5ogxk9
    Firstly main lead is really hot+white haired+cool attitude+has a mysterious past. Tomoe is like a butler to Nanami. Now there are other interesting characters in the show too. Anime art is great.
  4. GEKKAN SHOUJO NOZAKI-KUNbcb8d0386a49ac707b41b398b61bfaf6_480
    Our sweet Nozaki-kun is always clueless as ever. This anime will make you laugh out loud really hard. It’s really very funny. Also there are serial of characters in this anime who play daily life part of our main leads. In all it’s an enjoyable anime.
  5. BOKURA WA MINNA KAWAISOUmaxresdefault (1)
    Character development of this anime is amazing. It’s not like those regular lovey-dovey animes but you will enjoy this one. When it’s over, you will want more of it.

Top 10 Anime Badass characters

These are characters which may be good/bad but we care less for it as we have this “great crush” on these characters, obviously because they’re so cool and a complete package. We just can’t resists them. Well there will be few major names missing in this list but I’ll soon make another list to compensate with that.


image-four       giphy

Anime- Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

Sebastian has got his badass aura all the time. Though anime Sebastian is cool but manga Sebastian is even cooler. If anime had followed exactly Black Butler manga It’s popularity would have been on different scale.


tumblr_nrlm2oL2eA1uadq5wo1_1280       tumblr_ml9o3ad4A41rdkkjzo1_500

Anime- Durarara!!

This one even looks badass. He is the ultimate character. I swear It’s him and Shizuo heiwajima we watch this anime for.


maxresdefault       tumblr_nucchvsW5Z1upis07o1_500

Anime- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Edward is our sweetheart but Roy’s the badass prince of the show. King Bradley is also in competition but Roy takes this spot, we all have seen how he kills lust.


Mikasa_ready_to_battle_Annie_one_more_time      tumblr_n9j39250QE1t2srs7o3_500

Anime- Attack on titan

After long time I’ve seen such badass female character. Though Morgiana from Magi is also cool but Mikasa is strength on her own.


Akabane-1      tumblr_m5lwalwjT61r239fno1_400

Anime- Get backers

If you have seen this series, you will understand why he’s on this list. People who fight for fun are interesting indeed.


yandere_yuno_gasai_by_yunogasai_marceline-d5q6na7       large

Anime- Mirai Nikki

She will chop you into pieces if you touch her Yukiteru-kun. Gasai is one hell of a stalker and lover.


4dWV1l9       d36cfbc31fec32119148ce77cc4a2be1

Anime- Dragon ball series

Do I need to explain this one? No? Okay.


070542e6373df93e6e22ac8bbbbeb8f4_480       afa88374a3aaad70f60132f0fb24719e4ec4ce12_hq

Anime- Attack on titan

Levi is a badass but he missing in more than half of the series. I know that’s what the plot was but there should be more of Levi. His moves are fantastic. If he gets titan ability, he can save whole planet single-handedly.


maxresdefault (1)       tumblr_mheont0cJX1s3rpx5o1_500

Anime- One Piece

Best swordsman+Cool attitude, Zoro has got all the badass moves required.


images     tumblr_n6chi4Te461qc9zfzo1_500

Anime- Durarara!!

This list was incomplete without him. Izaya has already been mentioned, so not mentioning Shizuo would be a crime. Why he’s a badass? Well we love him throwing random street signs during fight and also his “I-ZA-YA!” angry yelling.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu Review

        I have seen so many animes till now that I don’t have a count of it. But when I saw this one I couldn’t content my happiness thinking WOW finally something like Ouran high school host club because there is no single anime like it. After first episode of Aoharu x Kikanjuu which gave me deja vu experience, the anime took a different turn. I won’t say that I’m disappointed that It’s not like Ouran high but rather I’m glad it’s different. It turned out to be something that I would wait for a week to be released.

       Now this story is of Tachibana Hotaru. This girl is independent, strong, confident like our other anime girls and is also a badass fighter when she’s focussed. Her life gets entangled with the host club employee Masamune Matsuoka and her wacky neighbour Nagamasa Midori and she starts playing survival games aka Toy gun fight. Now don’t confuse this game with cute chibi fights because their action scenes are good or 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Later on she starts liking this game and she comes across different characters. This show is still on-going and season 2 of the show is not announced yet. Both Matsuoka and Midori are not aware about the fact that Tachibana is a girl which indicates there will be some romance in season 2.



This show is not for people who wants to start watching anime but for people who keep hunting for different anime when they are done with one. So people in search for new anime and are LONG TIME ANIME WATCHERS, this anime is for YOU. I’m sure you would enjoy comedy combined with action in this show.


1) Good Plot
2) Great Art
3) Hot Characters
4) Funny
5) Good Action

If you are a frequent anime watchers you’ll know why to watch it. I watched It because I’m free as eff lol. So guys If you’ve got ample of time like me and want to waste it rather being productive, do watch this show, you’ll love it :’D